Two easy pieces

Hi folks, I’ve been awol for a bit, I have a love hate thing going on with WordPress – it’s beyond me sometimes. These were finished back in May last year.

Nevertheless, I have been sewing so it’s not all bad. I’m posting an abysmal photo of me modelling the Jac shirt from Tessuti and Silhouette’s  5 piece Yoga pants. Both patterns are simply aces and are dead easy to put together.

The shirt is quite loose and forgiving if one hasn’t got one’s fit perfected. I’ve made a few Tessuti patterns and they are really well drafted, I highly recommend them.

Peggy’s yoga pants are renowned up and down the Internet and rightly so. Genius. The 5 piece has front inseam pockets that lie beautifully flat. And easy peasy to make. Here I am in all my finery.



11 thoughts on “Two easy pieces

  1. Very nice checked shirt.

  2. Welcome back, and with such gorgeous, comfortable, & easy patterns, too!
    Well done you!

  3. I am always pleased to see you as well as hear from you. Nice outfit Annie (May last year – that is 10 months ago!!) , especially the cool pockets. I also love the way you have the dark stripes on the shirt in just the right place – look almost like braces. Looking forward to your next post despite your funny relationship with WordPress.

  4. Great outfit, looks very comfortable and casual.

  5. The plaid shirt is so pretty! And perfect with the yoga pants. I’m always looking out for easy patterns that don’t look “easy”, will add these to my ever-growing list.

  6. Oh, I love the sewing patterns and this one is really cute. It looks comfortable.

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