Light and Shadow, Cutting Line Designs


Before the changes

Before the changes

This is the first Cutting Lines pattern I’ve made and I rather like it. I saw Gayle’s version and guided by her review I cut the smallest size and it fits perfectly.

However when I finished it there were some things that I wanted to change.

I felt that there was far too much fabric around the back of my neck so I trimmed off around four inches from the cowl following the original shape. Also originally I had done a rolled hem because I thought that a turned hem would be awkward on the bias edge, but when the rolled hem was done I didn’t like the effect or the fact that the hem faced out when the collar draped.

Wrong side uppermost when draped

Wrong side uppermost when draped


After trimming, I turned  a double hem toward the right side and stitched using my edge stitch foot, much better.

My fabric is an inexpensive white cheesecloth bought from Abakan in Mostyn. You do need a double faced fabric for this design as both sides will show.

After trimming, less bulk

After trimming, less bulk

This is a great way for me to be able to wear my jet black tee, on its own it’s too severe for me to ever look good in it and it’s a little too low cut, now it’s a perfect backdrop to this little top.

The trousers I’m wearing are Silhouette’s 5 piece yoga pants, soon to be blogged about.


10 thoughts on “Light and Shadow, Cutting Line Designs

  1. Wow! Lovely top.

  2. definitely like it better with your changes. great make!

  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for all the tips about using this pattern which looks lovely and I am sure it can go over quite a lot of different tops. The cheese cloth has a nice ethereal look and this would be a good style for those sheers that are otherwise rather difficult.

    I have always been fascinated by the layering of semi transparent fabrics, different lengths so that the light and shade effect is created. As I avoid black I have done this with whites or shades of cream, although I suppose it would work well with any monochrome layering.

    I have been thinking of a white garment for summer and you have given me a great idea.

  4. Ooh, I love this, just hopping over to find the pattern:)

  5. This is just lovely. What a great use of draping and asymmetry. Reminds me of Miyake.

  6. Hi Annie lovely blog I’m a new follower!

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