Sedentary sewing

I’m laid low at the moment with a sprained ankle, forced into inactivity. Initially sewing was an impossibility, but as time passed and the pain eased somewhat, I had a little think about what I might usefully be able to do. image

I had an ‘aha’ moment a few weeks ago when Kate advised using padded coathangers for garments, I had been wondering what to do with all my itty bitty scraps, so the thought of making my own took hold.  I duly got the materials in thinking that I could make some for gifting.

Now seemed a good a time as any to have a go so I followed this tutorial from Matha Stuart.image

It was quite therapeutic listening to the radio, sitting at my table and rolling back and forth from machine to ironing board.image

One metre of wadding and 15 hangers cost £12.50 and there was enough wadding to make twelve. I have seen some tutes that use foam insulating pipe covers, I’m not sure whether they would work out cheaper but the finish would be more uniform. The ribbon was some that I had in already.

At around £1 per hanger, they are perhaps on a par with store bought, but, they’re not that shiny poly that I hate with a passion. I’m just happy that I could use stuff that otherwise would have been thrown away, and it stopped me going bonkers with boredom so, bonus.


I think it’s funny that I now have hangers that match my clothes. Far too much time on my hands obviously.

With a bit of luck I’ll be back at work next week.


8 thoughts on “Sedentary sewing

  1. Sometimes, it is the simple things that help when we are laid low. Everything time you look in your closet, you will have joy at the simple change to your closet and your clothes will be supported better on the hanger!

  2. Sorry you have sprained your ankle Annie. Hope it heals soon.

    I think these padded hangers are lovely – as you say the bought ones are all about polyester pastels and quite yukky. I love the idea of the hanger matching the dress! Bravo.

    I would have to be quite unwell, however, to spend hours doing this sort of work. I have been meaning to make a cover for my Kindle for about two years. If I can’t wear it I find it very hard to find the motivation.

  3. These are awesome… I was just thinking earlier this week about the ones my grandma used to make and wondering if they still had the wooden hangers to make my own. Now I have to try it!

  4. I love covered coat hangers. My Grandma and MIL used to crochet them for me, but now I have to resort to the shiny poly store bought ones. Yours are so much nicer.

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