Inspirational bloggers


Thanks to the lovely Kate who nominated me for this award.

When it comes to sewing there are three things guaranteed to get my adrenalin going:

Perusing ready to wear, honestly there is nothing more motivating than seeing lovely fabric made up into garments. It really fires me up and I am re invigorated and motivated to copy those.


Fabric, does anyone else like me walk through fabric stores touching bolts as they pass along? So seductive and inspiring. I can spend hours just imagining what I could do with this or that.image


Bloggers‘ enthusiasm for sewing. It makes no difference what their skill level is, in fact some of the newest sewers are the most passionate, it’s enthusiasm that Is energising and I want to ride that wave and create too.


Here, in no particular order, are my ten inspiring bloggers.

Enrique Sews

An infectious voice, lovely style I get a real sense of his personality from the way that he writes. Lovely sewing too.

Sew Deputy

Another joyous read Amanda’s enthusiasm shines through. I feel like I know her, probably because she was a contestant on TGBSB, I started to follow her after that.


I love Roo’s posts, warm and insightful. I have followed her journey as she has dissected what she needs for a workable wardrobe. She is an accomplished knitter too and has made beautiful shawls and socks. When I see her socks I have a compulsion to start knitting.

Compulsive Seamstress

Anne is a natural teacher she gives good write ups on patterns and her sense of humour shines through. I like that she demonstrates the techniques she uses. Her range is diverse as she makes for her daughters too, I loved her various Bellatrix Blazers.


Kristin explains processes clearly and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I enjoy reading her posts, she can dissect patterns and their flaws like a boss. She has started to diversify into creating beauty products and I have liked reading those posts too although some of it goes right over my head, it’s the enthusiasm that gets me hooked. Every. Single. Time.

Domestic Deb

Deb’s reviews are thorough and informative, I came across her on Pattern Review when I was researching a Katherine Tilton pattern, her rendition of that is amazing, she has a good eye for detail and design. She seems to have the same relationship to blogging as I do too!


I think I have liked everything that Sally has blogged about, it doesn’t hurt that she is so photogenic either, she is a great ambassador to newbies, showing just how contemporary sewing can be. Her Minouru jacket is a triumph.

Sewing by the seat of my pants

I never miss Karen’s blog posts, she is a strong personality and not afraid to voice her opinion. She makes some lovely bears from recycled fabric. She is articulate and straightforward and I like to see her creations but really, I just like to read her blog.

Sewing on the edge.

Barbara is such good fun to read although she isn’t posting as much these days she has some good tutorials and techniques to share. Well worth a look for those alone, you’ll come back a follower, she’s written some cracking stuff.


A very readable blog. Michelle is like a breath of fresh air, she reviews newly released patterns and puts in a lot of research and writes them up in detail, nip over there to check out what’s new.

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One thought on “Inspirational bloggers

  1. Lots of new (to me) blogs there Annie. Thank you. And I like your inspirations too.

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