Marcy Tilton Cirque dress Vogue 9112

Fun with stripes, in a springy seersucker

Fun with stripes, in a springy seersucker


I love this dress so much I made it thrice. The two green dresses are seersucker, the stripe I bought to make a shirt dress, so not me really, what was I thinking? It seriously risked looking institutional, so it’s been shelf surfing for a couple of years just waiting for its place in the sun.

I bought the check fabric to try out the pattern then had a head slapping moment when I came home and saw the stripe I had in, it was then I resolved to look at what I already have before buying more.

The third one is made in grey linen from Merchant and Mills, a generous Christmas gift.

Grey linen

Grey linen

The pattern pieces could be confusing, especially as you’re to use fabric that looks the same on both sides. I laid them out in order on the floor and kept the pattern pieces on until I was ready to sew. I made no changes I’m 5′ 4″ and it falls just at the base of my knee.

The collar is a subtle frame for the face not at all restricting. I sewed a narrow hem with a narrow hem foot, I’m not sure I used it properly though as I only turned the fabric once. After a few wearings fraying occurred on the linen, the others are fine, but it bugs me all the same. Getting the hem started so that the stitching began at the edge was a bit of a mare too, I ended up cutting a longer collar and once the hem was sewn then cut it down, not ideal but it worked.


Once I had the sewing order sussed it was really quick to make, all have in-seam pockets.

I don’t wear these dresses as a stand alone pieces, I prefer to layer, I’ve included some photos taken when I was out and about just to give some idea.





13 thoughts on “Marcy Tilton Cirque dress Vogue 9112

  1. It’s lovely when you get a pattern that works so well for you. This looks so different in the stripe compared to the lovely cool linen. I love the neckline on you Annie. Great work – haven’t you been busy!

  2. I really like the look of this pattern & it’s great to see it made up in so many different fabrics.

  3. I just signed up for your blog because I also LOVE linen! The first thing I see is the Vogue 9112….something that I just finished making in a medium weight rust linen! I LOVE this pattern! And have had many positive comments when I wear it. I do, however, wear it as a dress. (I never though of using a stripe fabric….but really like yours…so will copy!)….

  4. I almost chose this Marcy Tilton pattern over the one, 8975, I ended up with (not made yet). I decided against it due to a short neck and full bust but I LOVE the design. Perhaps I could make it work…?

    • I know what you mean, I worked on the principle that the collar would draw the eye up from the bust, I have a neck like Sandy Toksvig, God bless her. I have v8975, bought really for the little cardigan. I’m wary about the dress because it is similar to Marcy’s French house dress which added lbs on me, so disappointing.

  5. OMG! I l.o.v.e. all three of these. This pattern is in my queue, although I haven’t made it yet. And here you’ve made three!!! I love each one. They are so different in the checks and stripes and the solid linen. You’ve inspired me to get going on this. What a great trio of interesting dresses.

  6. Bonsoir, excusez moi je ne parle pas anglais,j’habite en France, et j’ai un petit problème pour comprendre comment faire pour commander ce patron que je trouve vraiment très joli. Peut on s’abonner à votre blog pour recevoir la newsletter, s’il vous plait ?
    Bonne soirée à vous et félicitation j’aime beaucoup.

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  8. Great job on the dresses. love your fabric choices. You look beautiful in your creations. Deb (Calgary, AB, Canada)

  9. Thank you Deb you’re very kind.

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