StyleArc Gail and Antionette

Hello there! Urged on with gentle encouragement from Kate I decided to get my act together and show what I’ve been up to, which happens to be quite a lot of late, all will be blogged soon.

As promised, here are the StyleArc Gail top and Antoinette trousers.image

The top is made from a £2 remnant that I bought from the rag market in Birmingham, I played around with the stripes for effect and am pleased with the placing. The top looks exactly how it should and was all done on the serger as quick as you like, I made no changes, knit is very forgiving with fit.

However, I didn’t wear it again after I saw these photos, the combination of stripes and cling do me no favours. One really needs a well defined waist for this style. The fabric is quite thin and is inclined to cling in a most unflattering way.

Back zip

Back zip

The trousers shouldn’t work either with my shape, but I have a similar pair of  Mary Portas trousers that I’ve worn to death that I wanted to replicate and this imagepattern is a close match.

They’re roomy round the hip and are tapered at the ankle, virtually no fitting needed, I made no alterations to this pattern either. The fabric is a black French crepe from Abakhan in Mostyn, and was a devil to photograph.

It’s taken me an age to format this post, I’ve forgotten what little I knew about WordPress, *sigh*.


2 thoughts on “StyleArc Gail and Antionette

  1. Interesting feedback on the patterns. I think the trousers are great and would work well in drapery fabrics. And so glad to see you back, smiling in your garden!

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