Lynn Mizono dress, Vogue 1410

imageThis is a deceptively easy dress to make, just two pattern pieces. Simples. I wanted it to fall just below my knee so I made it a lot shorter, I think I took almost six inches off the total length.image

To give you some idea I’m 5′ 4″ tall, the pattern is way too long and I didn’t want to hitch it up as I felt that that would add too much bulk and I have quite enough of that, thank you.

i’ve had this fabric for around three years it’s a robust jersey with some Lycra content and just about perfect for this style. I’ve wore the dress a lot in the colder weather and it looks great with boots.

I used an eyelet machine stitch for the cord to pass through  and that looks so much neater than a buttonhole. I used gunmetal toned cord stops.

Elastic cord and metallic cord stop.

Elastic cord and metallic cord stop.

I’m trying to use up  my accumulated fabrics, I usually buy fabric for a specific purpose but often find that my original intention doesn’t materialise because something or other changes my mind. The longer it sits on the shelf the less likely I am to use it, it is now my mission to shop the shelf first, it feels so good to use the stuff I already have.

I do like this pattern and I had to make it again this time I used a dark pink linen that came from deepest Lancashire and was a long ago Mother’s Day gift, it was pale pink when I got it, a shade that I don’t suit so I dyed it, here it is modelled by the lovely Dolly, I really like how it turned out.



8 thoughts on “Lynn Mizono dress, Vogue 1410

  1. Yep! You nailed it. These dresses are fab. The colours and the stripes are ver flattering. I love the length too – other versions I have seen are just too dominant and seem to swamp the wearer. Clever of you to dye the less appealing pink. Nice work Annie, especially the ties.

  2. Ha ha – I’ve just made this in turquoise linen too! We’re like-minded, obviously, so you’ve got a new follower!

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  4. How did you dye it? What products? What process?

    • Hi Belinda, I used a regular Dylon dye that is the most common one in stores here, you add salt to the dye and put it through a wash cycle. I dyed the fabric first before cutting the pattern because stitching thread can sometimes come out a different colour to the main fabric and it also helps to pre wash fabric in case of shrinkage.

      hth, Annie

  5. hi. love the dress. just wondering where on the pattern you shortened it please. they look great. many thanks annie from australia

    • Hi Annie, this is a very simple pattern to shorten. There are two lines marked on the pattern where you can make it shorter,one is just below the armhole and the other is halfway down the skirt. I used the second line to make my adjustment, I folded the tissue and made a pleat all the way across the pattern piece and did the same on the back piece.

      It sounds obvious but be mindful that for each inch of pleat the length will be reduced by two inches because it is folded twice.

      Happy sewing!

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