Belated blog hop

Shams has published her blog hop response and it reminded me that shockingly I missed my deadline too, how rude! Let me remedy that right away.

The lovely Kate from Fabricated nominated me, Kate always writes interesting posts and is currently working on her SWAP. I’m liking reading how she is sifting through ideas and permutations, I’ve been on a similar quest and her posts have resonated with me. I like how she is making considered decisions. Just recently I was swept with enthusiasm for a dress that realistically has no place with my lifestyle, I was able to be more objective and stay focused on what works for me and not strike out for something lovely but inappropriate. I am very impulsive and do tend to want the Next Shiny Thing, but my sewing needs to be about making what works for me now.

Ok, back to the blog hop. To refresh, four questions:

Why do you write? 

I started a blog for two reasons, one, I wanted to be able to make comments on other blogs without being ‘anonymous’, and two, to show a good representation of a pattern made up.

I think that the most useful resource for sewers is Pattern Review where I can view others’ versions of a pattern I like. So, in a way this little blog is my take on a popular pattern, I aim to give as much info re fabric and any modifications I may have done and show you a picture of how it looks on my average M&S sized body, it may be of use.

How is your blog different?

It isn’t different, I don’t have a USP or a cute dog – well I do have a dog but he’s not so cute and he’s camera shy, literally, he hides when he sees a camera. Can dogs even get embarrassed? I think so, anyway, he won’t be appearing on here.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m buzzing with excitement over StyleArc and the possibilities they offer me because the fit of their patterns is pretty spot on. I’ve made a few things that I’ll be posting, I’m currently assembling the Antionette slouch pant and I’m extremely pleased with the outcome so far, just the waist and hem to do.

What is your writing process?

OMG laborious, the photo taking is nightmarish, I have to have help and it takes an age. I use my I-phone for close ups, that’s ok but not ideal.
Between slow sewing and procrastination it takes a lot of time for me to put up a post.

Maintaining a blog takes time and effort and I raise my hat to those who post regularly. Many of the posters I follow are no longer posting and I miss them but I can see from a new perspective how much effort went into their blogs.

That’s all folks.

I now pass the baton to Evie at PendleStitches, who writes wonderfully evocative posts about sewing, knitting and house renovation. Evie lives in a beautiful part of the country and her blog is a warm comforting read and has the added bonus of incorporating some of the best scenery the English countryside has to offer.

She just may curse me for this tardy post as I contacted her way way back in October, oops! sorry Evie.


2 thoughts on “Belated blog hop

  1. A very nice post Annie, and it gives us a lot of insight into your approach. You actually know a great deal about making clothes but wear your expertise very lightly. Thank you for sharing your approach.

  2. […] quite some time since Annie from Annie Loves Linen nominated me for this blog hop. She’s been very forgiving of my tardiness, but as the new […]

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