Eva dress

Hey up, it’s been a while.

I want to show you my latest make, the Eva dress, downloaded from the Tessuti website.

The fabric is a lovely pink spotted brown linen bought from Romania via Etsy.image

I came across this pattern months ago but hesitated to buy because I’d had a disappointing  result with their Lily dress. Totally illogical because those issues were avoidable as that fabric was flawed – honestly I don’t know how I didn’t notice that there was a fade line where it had been folded, a line that dissected me in half, and not in a good way, right through centre front and back. Even if I could’ve overlooked that I didn’t like how the finished dress looked on me, shelf bosom anyone? I do like the dress on others though, and that was why I hesitated with the Eva, there are some great versions out there, but I was unsure how it would look on me.

I had a little think about my preferences and what changes I would have to make to the pattern, because, let’s face it, if it doesn’t look right, I won’t wear it. Vanity, thy name is Annie, so, after the old cogs had whirred, this is what I did:image

1) Using the pattern pieces as a starting point, I made a muslin for a bodice with darts, thus mostly eliminating shelf boob. What can I say, they’re bosomy and as there are no darts In this pattern, I put some in and that helped, there’s still enough ease for it to go over my head.

image2) Raised the neckline.

3) The best length for me is just below my knee, so I shortened every piece below the bodice at the lower edge by equal amounts in order to keep the proportions right.

Great in- seam pocket instructions btw, and the pattern goes together really sweet, like a jigsaw, not that I’ve ever done a jigsaw, but still, you get my drift. I used brown bias binding tape for the neck, sleeve and hem edges, I really like this finish.

This  picture was taken after wearing a whole day, it’s creased, as am I, but linen creases aren’t anything to worry about, I think they add to the charm.

We’re well matched, Eva and I and It’s all good.


One thought on “Eva dress

  1. This is a lovely version and your adaptations are really clever. I love the pockets and the fabric is sober but sweet. Nice work.

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