The autumn leaves…


McCalls 5296


My second post using the IPad and what a palaver it’s been even though I’m now using an app it’s took an age to get this post up.

Anyways, on to the pattern.

imageHere we have an out of print McCalls 5296 bought from Ebay. Others who have made this said that it comes out really large and bearing that in mind I went down two sizes, there are a lot of gathers at the yoke on the image, not as many on mine I prefer the slimmed down version and the fit is fine.

The fabric is a soft linen in a muted blue and orange check from Fabrix in  Lancaster. The hem is pegged, giving a sort of a tulip shape. It’s more of a short dress length than tunic, falling just below my knee. There wasn’t enough fabric to get the length I wanted but I got around that by adding a hem band cut from the cross grain. The pockets are really neat and unfussy, I like this a lot and will definitely make it again.


2 thoughts on “The autumn leaves…

  1. What a lovely fabric – and linen too! I love the colours especially when worn over the blue-grey top. It would be nice over pink, and brown, too, perhaps with coloured tights. I like that neckline on you – so much nicer than the pattern envelop where it looks like it is coming to get the poor model! Interesting that this is linen, and I look forward to seeing other versions in due course.

  2. You’re a brave lady, I gave up trying to use my ipad! I love this, you were right to take out some of the gathers, you look great!

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