Baby baby…

Have you come across rag quilts? I know nothing about quilting and didn’t want anything too ambitious. After doing some research – surfing –  as you do.  I found this tutorial for a rag quilt. isn’t it cute?


I used an old soft flannelette sheet and a metre each of lilac, yellow, and patterned flannelette.

Honestly this was such fun to do, it’s made from three square layers of fabric sandwiched together and joined with exposed seams that are snipped so that when washed they fray and curl.



It’s shabby chic, no ironing here. I washed it a few times to get the edges nicely frayed.  I kept each square the same colour front and back so that when I put it together I would be able to position them in a random pattern without having clusters of the same squares on the reverse. The back therefore is the same orientation as the front, it would be a logistical nightmare to arrange the squares if they were randomly configured. So a little forward planning was involved. The snipping, which was the most time consuming part, gave me a blister, but the end result was worth it, it turned out lovely.


The back

It’s now with the new babe and I’m happy to say that the parents are delighted with it.


One thought on “Baby baby…

  1. This is so sweet – I am sure it will be treasured – I imagine it’s deliciously soft. We put such a lot of effort into things for babies. I love the idea of doing back and fronts as suggested and would never have thought about that. I have a quilt on my to do list but I never get to it!

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