Give a little respect ….

I made this last summer it is the only Sewaholic pattern I have done, hats off Cambie 2to Tasia, no wonder her patterns are so popular, her instructions are well written and the pattern pieces fit together like a dream.

After seeing all the lovely versions of the Cambie I decided to make it for my fabric cambieDD. I am lucky that I live near a great independent fabric seller and I bought a bargainous quality lovely cotton print and cotton silk lining.

It went together so well and the measurements were spot on, exactly as on the envelope, what a clever girl Tasia is, and what a super pattern but the process was not without hiccups.

Oddly one of the sleeve linings didn’t fit the sleeve main fabric and there was no way that I could make another without a major undo, the dress was almost finished and it took a bit of faffing to make it fit. Obviously I did something wrong which is ok except that I couldn’t work out what I did, I’m not sure if I have learnt anything from this mistake and that is frustrating.

Another thing that didn’t go so well was the stitch in the ditch over the lower Cambie 3waistband seam. That nearly drove me mental, it was all over the place on the inside so I abandoned machine stitching and hand sewed the seam allowances inside instead. It was more than likely that my waist bands were out of alignment, sloppy cutting out or varying SA, luckily I like hand sewing.

I added a lace trim to the lining hem and that’s ok although I’m still not sure which way to turn the lining hem for the best look, one side will look wrong side out and skirt lining often show both sides when peeking out. I had a look at some high end RTW and I saw both examples so maybe it’s a personal preference, I’d like to know what others think.

Although pesky, these little imperfection don’t spoil the integrity of the dress, it looks lovely and I am extremely pleased with the result.


3 thoughts on “Give a little respect ….

  1. I got lots of positive comments wearing it! The ‘imperfections’ aren’t noticeable at all. A triumph!! x

  2. This is lovely! I tried making it last year but came a cropper with a gaping bust (hope you know what I mean!), I really must revisit and rectify, yours has reminded me how lovely it is.

  3. I would say put the lace on the lining so that it look right when viewed from the inside.

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