I’ve made three Merchant and Mills Factory dresses and I’ve been wearing them for work constantly.

They’re great I just snag one in the morning and I’m good to go, I wear them with knee high boots and a cardigan, what’s not to love?

The pattern is straightforward, I got the cardboard version. It’s loose fitting and skims the waist and is flattering to my little teapot shape, I usually avoid waist seams but here it doesn’t draw unwanted attention as the dress hangs from the shoulders.

It’s easy to put together, no surprises, the shoulder is slightly dropped and that makes the sleeves easy peasy to fit. The fabrics that I used are linen mixes, the green one has softened over time better than the others, that may be a 100% linen.

That fabric and the blue came from Barry’s Fabrics in Brum, the pink was originally pale green but when I washed it it faded so I dyed it with Dylon in flamenco pink (before cutting it out).

I think it took really well. I’ve had that particular wishy washy green for ages and am really pleased that I found a way to finally use it, whooda thunk that I’d think pink, but it works. Result!


2 thoughts on “1,2,3

  1. Great blog. I have seen these dresses in person, and I think they are fab, a versatile and flattering dress. I am looking forward to your next project!

  2. Gorgeous colours! I’ve been coveting merchant and mills stuff, might have a go at something when I get more confident!

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